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The Freudian Sheep Contemporary Art Gallery, in Ipswich, England exists to promote visual art by increasing wider public engagement. We help emerging artists in the Anglia Region and beyond, by enabling them to exhibit with experienced artists and to get their art seen by a wider range of people than the traditional art audience provides.


We happily accept submissions from artists interested in interpreting any of our themes, or exhibiting off-theme art which is now also accepted every new month.

Email:- info@freudiansheep.co.uk and enclose examples of your art or a link to where we can see it, plus a little about yourself.

Gallery for hire:


The gallery is no longer for hire except for in exceptional circumstances. If you think your circumstances are exceptional, then please do get in touch.


See Hire the Gallery for more details.

WANT TO SPONSOR THE SHEEP? We're always happy to hear from patrons who have an interest in helping visual art to survive & thrive. Artists rely on goodwill, and often do a great deal for their communities in return for little other than thanks. The gallery sometimes feels a bit like that - and since we exist to help these artists, a bit of help is very much obliged. In return, we'll promote you/your business (should you wish) on our website/social media and in the gallery. Contact us at: art @freudiansheep.co.uk. We'll of course be delighted to hear from you.

The Freudian Sheep - just up the road from The Regent Theatre, Ipswich. Come and see us every month.

What's On

at The Sheep



Saul Timothy's WYRDWORKS

July 9th - July 29th






The Freudian Sheep are staging two parallel, unusual exhibitions during July. Essex artist/illustrator, Saul Timothy has his first solo show ‘Wyrdworks’ in the Dreamspace gallery at The Freudian Sheep. This features some 30-odd paintings and other artworks that are from (as he puts it) his ‘twisted psyche’. Taking the title from an Old English word ‘wyrd’ meaning ‘to come to pass, or to become’, it represents him stopping painting at the age of 22, and coming back to it with energy and plenty of self-motivation some 22 years later. The resulting collection is choc-full of five years of highly imaginative art straight from the places people who watch Game of Thrones, or who play Elder Scrolls games will thoroughly appreciate.


There is plenty of dark art here from those aforementioned genres, and from the worlds of Alice in Wonderland, Batman and other influences.

The accompanying exhibition ‘Phantasmagoria’ is brought-together by The Sheep to complement Saul’s Wyrdworks. Fifteen East Anglian professional artists/photographers have explored the concept of whatever Phantasmagoria means to them, and the resulting exhibition in the remaining 3 spaces at the gallery is a wondrously eclectic mixture of the dark and the beautiful; of the surreal and the fantastical. Dragons and wurms, magical creatures, and places from dreams abound.


Artists in Phantasmagoria include: Gillian Allard, Susan Clyne, Borin Van Loon, Deborah Burrow, Larain Briggs, Malcolm Moseley, Peter Ellis, Emma Connolly, David Hardy, Nicola Coe, Emma Graham, Michelle Bowden, Anthony Joyce, Jade Probitts, and Phil James.

Norwich artist, Susan Clyne’s magical artworks have never been seen in a gallery before – and visitors won’t be disappointed.

With an accompanying musical backing track of the sounds of Lord of the Rings, dark folk, Game of Thrones, Elder Scrolls etc. the Medieval timber framed building is the perfect setting for something from another place to the norm.


An opening event is on Saturday 9th July from 3pm-6pm. Everyone is welcome (no invite necessary). Complementary drink/light snacks provided – donations gratefully accepted for further drinks, or you can bring along your own. The gallery enjoys people remaining for the duration.


Plenty to see then, with around 100 artworks throughout the gallery – including a little from gallery owners Eleanor May and Ian Moss.


Open Weds-Fri 10-2

Saturdays 11-6

Opening Saturdays 3-6


A 'Bid System' remains in operation for those who would like an artwork but can't stretch to the full asking price. If the art remains unsold at the end of the exhibition, your 'cheeky' bid will be run past the artist and if they're happy with it, then you have yourself a piece of great art at a price you can afford. Worth a punt if you can risk the chance it may be sold during the show - and artists are very happy to receive offers.


The Sheep are always pleased to see children & young people at the gallery for their exhibitions, and would like to hear their views on the art too.


Parking Saturdays all day in Rope Walk (New College car park) £3 all day. Weekdays park in the nearby streets - times range from 30 minutes free to 2 hours free. Town & Waterfront/Marina just 5 minutes walk.


A visit doesn't necessitate a purchase. Come and have a look - plenty of others do.


We are a gallery that seeks to provide fantastic contemporary art to all, without unnecessary exclusivity. We like to work with other galleries/art organisations for the good of art and artists. Once everyone has art on their walls at home & work and has visited an art gallery, we'll rest a little better at night. Until then, we are Batman; all of us are him. Art can do that.

Art by Larain Briggs

Art by Borin Van Loon

Art by Susan Clyne

Art by Nicola Coe

Next Month:-





An exhibition of around 60 of the most popular artworks chosen from 3 years, 33 exhibitions, just under 150 artists, and nearly 2000 artworks. The LAST GROUP EXHIBITION at The Freudian Sheep before we close our Ipswich Gallery in September. Join the party - don't miss out!


Opening event Saturday 6th August - 3-6pm

All welcome.


Exhibition 6th August - 26th August 2016.

See our Visitor Info page for opening times etc.

Art by Borin Van Loon

Elsewhere this month: Eleanor May & Ian Moss are on the road with their art.

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