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The Freudian Sheep Contemporary Art Gallery, in Ipswich, England exists to promote visual art by increasing wider public engagement. We help emerging artists in the Anglia Region and beyond, by enabling them to exhibit with experienced artists and to get their art seen by a wider range of people than the traditional art audience provides.


We happily accept submissions from artists interested in interpreting any of our themes, or exhibiting off-theme art which is now also accepted every new month.

Email:- info@freudiansheep.co.uk and enclose examples of your art or a link to where we can see it, plus a little about yourself.

Gallery for hire:


The gallery is no longer for hire except for in exceptional circumstances. If you think your circumstances are exceptional, then please do get in touch.


See Hire the Gallery for more details.

WANT TO SPONSOR THE SHEEP? We're always happy to hear from patrons who have an interest in helping visual art to survive & thrive. Artists rely on goodwill, and often do a great deal for their communities in return for little other than thanks. The gallery sometimes feels a bit like that - and since we exist to help these artists, a bit of help is very much obliged. In return, we'll promote you/your business (should you wish) on our website/social media and in the gallery. Contact us at: art @freudiansheep.co.uk. We'll of course be delighted to hear from you.

The Freudian Sheep - just up the road from The Regent Theatre, Ipswich. Come and see us every month.

What's On

at The Sheep

EXHIBITIONS during May/June


May 14th - June 3rd






Another fantastic curated group exhibition from the series ‘Who’s Coming For Tea?’ aimed at raising public engagement with art from non-traditional sections of society.


From 14th May to 3rd June, the gallery will be full of art largely inspired by food & drink – as well as a fair sprinkling of other art to add yet more interest. Eighteen professional artists are featured, ranging from exciting, emerging talents whose art is well worth catching now – to experienced artisans who actively exhibit widely in the UK & abroad.


Special invites have gone out to food & drink professionals, and the door is open to any others wanting to see the art, including those from other walks of life. The gallery has short questionnaires that seek the opinions of visitors, which help in planning future event s that suit the local audience.

Building-on the huge popularity of the first three exhibitions from the series 'Who's Coming For Tea?' (they were themed around mental health, education, and travel/tourism professions), this final instalment will be choc-full of exciting art that ranges from marvellous still-life paintings to colourful abstracts – with painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media, and more – and all art for sale at prices the public can afford.


Gavin Kostrzewski’s pop art calls in a variety of colours at you, which happily contradicts the tactile nature and braille signatures, whilst Richard Day’s highly popular, colourfully expressive art complements it well. Josh Wilson (also a tattoo artist) has previously exhibited ‘tattooed cats’ at The Sheep, and on this occasion has provided striking, bold contrast images of food. Photographer, Jae Storer’s images feature on Vogue Italia’s website – and fellow photographer, Pavel Kricka’s photographs feature images of café culture in Italy and elsewhere.


Margriet Van Nieuwburg’s diminutive still life paintings are a delight to behold, and sit well with Jenny George’s bright kitchen scenes. Jenny’s quirky ‘Wine Rack’ painting remains at the gallery. Laura Beardsell-Moore’s skilful paintings explore food from an angle that gives us highly pleasant artworks with a ‘darker side’ to them. Verity Newman’s collection of bright semi-abstract’s of jugs and vessels are perfect for places where food is enjoyed.


Yvonne Forster’s amusing interpretations of old masters’ art are sure to raise a smile, as is Ian Moss’s uniquely sited assemblage ‘The Perfect Breakfast in an Imperfect Place’. Colin Widdup’s cheeky carved oak ‘Lusty Faun’ sculpture adds to the humour here, along with Illustrator, Borin Van Loon’s ‘Black Sun’ and ‘Muscle Meat’ series.


Art therapist, David Hardy’s splendidly, dustily constructed artwork has elements of Antoni Tapies & Anselm Kiefer about it. Other art on-and-off theme is provided by Anthony Joyce, Michelle Bowden, Phil James, and Eleanor May.


The exhibition opens on Saturday 14th May with an opening event from 3pm-6pm. Complimentary wine & snacks are served, plus music, and the usual Sheep good ambiance. Everyone is welcome – no invite necessary. The exhibition runs from 14th May to 3rd June .

Open Weds-Fri 10-2

Saturdays 11-6



Parking Saturdays all day in Rope Walk (college car park) £3 all day. Weekdays park in the nearby streets - times range from 30 minutes free to 2 hours free. Town & Waterfront/Marina just 5 minutes walk.



A visit doesn't necessitate a purchase. Come and have a look - plenty of others do.


We are a gallery that seeks to provide fantastic contemporary art to all, without unnecessary exclusivity. We like to work with other galleries/art organisations for the good of art and artists. Once everyone has art on their walls at home & work and has visited an art gallery, we'll rest a little better at night. Until then, we are Batman; all of us are him. Art can do that.

Next Month:-





Art from a variety of professional artists & photographers interested in exploring art on the theme of REFLECTIONS - plus much other art free from the theme. Don't miss it!


Visit and tell us how you feel about what you see.


Opening event Saturday 11th June - 3-6pm

All welcome.


Exhibition 11th June - 1st July 2016.

See our Visitor Info page for opening times etc.

By Richard Day

By Laura Beardsell-Moore